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Mike Stiers | Greenbaum Stiers Strategic Marketing Group | PresidentMike Stiers | Greenbaum Stiers Strategic Marketing Group | President
Mike Stiers

Mike Stiers is a co-founding Partner and President of Greenbaum Stiers Strategic Marketing Group, with responsibility for overseeing daily operations, strategic partnerships, marketing planning, consulting, content creation, SEO and paid search programs. Prior to Greenbaum Stiers Strategic Marketing Group, he worked in marketing, product development and technical support for several companies. Notable are his three years as Marketing Director for The Basement Doctor (B2C Home Improvement Service Provider) and Nash Distribution (B2B Manufacturing and Distribution) simultaneously.

Stiers began his career with The Basement Doctor as a Digital Marketer where he created and edited videos, managed social media channels for Basement Doctor licensees and managed content on their websites. Being heavily reliant on leads for these businesses, Mike learned how to create clear calls to action and carefully crafted the customer experience on webpages to obtain conversions. Through innovative social media engagement campaigns, google adwords pay per click and informative case studies, Mike was successful in increasing relevancy and site rankings. After two years in this position, he was promoted to Marketing Director where he managed the collective advertising budget for The Basement Doctor brand. Mike has been instrumental in increasing leads and maintaining brand recognition while lowering the marketing budget to an astonishing 4%.

Prior to his time with The Basement Doctor and Nash Distribution, Mike worked for Maxxsonics USA Inc in Chicago, IL. He started in Technical Support and continued on to Product Development where he was instrumental in launching the branded YouTube and Facebook channels for Maxxsonics, Hifonics, Crunch, MB Quart and Autotek. Stiers began connecting with his audience and launched his Car Audio 101 series implementing his theories into ‘How To’ videos for vehicle batteries, alternators and wiring upgrades. This series helped to increase exposure for the brands he represented and built confidence in the products among consumers. Ultimately this familiarity and recognition was used to increase Maxxsonics’ footprint into Central America where he teamed up with internal Sales and led trainings and product promotions throughout several countries.

Mike’s greatest strengths are his creativity, pragmatic approach, drive and leadership. He thrives on building lasting relationships with his clients and strategic partners. His passion for what he does and those he works with is clearly visible. Stiers loves to identify the challenges for his clients and create executable plans to overcome them.

❝ Every time I see Mike, he is always smiling and excited to tell the Dev Room about some awesome opportunities for Greenbaum Stiers. I love his enthusiasm!  ❞ –Jordan

❝ If I had one person I would nominate for man of the year it would be Mike, he is the best leader any company could ever ask for. ❞ –Jamie

❝ Michael is the most genuine and trustworthy person you will meet. He does his best every day for our clients and our employees. His ability to juggle everything at once is remarkable. ❞ –Monique

❝ Mike is the driving force and a leader that we are all happy to follow into any battle ❞ –Adam

❝ Mike is so awesome! He’s one of the best organizational leaders I’ve ever worked with. He understands leadership and teamwork so well. ❞ –Jason