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Our Approach

North Market Spices, located in the Historic North Market in Downtown Columbus has offered unique and custom blends of spices to Central Ohio and beyond for 14 years.  With the onset of pandemic in-person restrictions in 2020, they needed a solution for online sales to keep their customers all over the US spicy while they were stuck at home.  Their unique and vibrant branding needed to be a focal point of the site development.

What we did

Greenbaum Stiers designed and developed a new website for North Market Spices using WooCommerce on WordPress.  With this new design, we were able to focus on including the full range of products they offer which made it easier for their customers to browse and purchase online, while respecting the COVID-19 in-person restrictions.  With a brand new, unique and exciting website all set, Greenbaum Stiers paid focused attention to the performance of the website.  As an eCommerce website, Performance Optimization is key.  Their site was optimized for speed and exceptional User Experience (UX).  Our website design approach aimed to reflect the qualities that North Market Spices is known for and the outcome was a bright, vibrant, and appealing website that customers were happy to use during one of the bleakest times in US History.  The special care that Greenbaum Stiers set in place for the North Market Spices eCommerce site still proves to be a success, even through the lifted restrictions and return of normalcy.

GSM North Market Spices Web Mockup

The results

We Delivered

Elevated online presence
Brand Representative design featuring full product range
Powerful eCommerce Website/Optimized UX

The owners have a wide breadth of knowledge and support us in the process.


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