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Sep 11

How to Build an Online Audience

How to build
Online Audience

Change With the Times

With everyone at home these days, building an online audience is more important than ever. Having an online audience allows you to engage with your customers at any time. The more you reach out to them, the more your brand stays relevant. Many businesses don’t have an online presence, let alone an audience, so we’re here to help walk you through it.

Quid Pro Quo

One way to build an audience is to get them to come to you. Marketing to someone who asked for it is a lot easier than someone who didn’t. It’s important to get customers to raise their hand when they want to know more about you. How do you go about this? A popular strategy is to offer them something for free.

For example, a small business could offer a free book if someone subscribes with their email. Boom. Now those people have interest in what you have to offer and have committed to getting specific messaging from you. You can use those emails to build a list and send them blog updates, special offers, and more. The bottom line is you give customers incentive and they’ll find value in your competitive edge. You give them something of value, and they give you their business.

Social Media is Your Insiders Club

Building an online audience by giving them value extends to social media as well. Lots of businesses use social media to post trendy videos and mimic the big companies. Small businesses can’t do the same thing, though. They don’t have millions of customers who already recognize their brand.

You have to give social media followers value as well – quid pro quo, if you will. Give exclusive offers and updates through your social media to incentivize people to follow you. If you’re a restaurant, offer a free side or a discounted meal to your followers. If you offer a service, give your followers a nice coupon for following the page. The possibilities are endless!

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