The Straight Talk on SEO Strategy and Rethinking Yours With Greenbaum Stiers

If I had a dollar for every time self-proclaimed SEO "experts" pitched their magic formulas to business owners, I could retire to a tropical paradise. Would I have a great tan? Absolutely. But would I truly be content? No, because there would still be businesses out there, like yours, in tight spots, having lost their money to some "guru" who failed to deliver.
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Understanding What SEO Really Means

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become one of this century’s most enigmatic concepts, right up there with AI. So, let’s get straight to what Google says. Below is a definition directly from their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide:

“SEO—short for search engine optimization—is about helping search engines understand your content and helping users find your site and make a decision about whether they should visit your site through a search engine.”

While this may seem straightforward, it’s somewhat misleading. Too many people focus on just the first part, “helping search engines understand your content,” and neglect the second, “helping users find your site and make a decision about whether they should visit your site through a search engine.” This leads to an overflow of “top ten guides to rank on Google quickly” blogs that miss the real essence of SEO magic: helping people.


Why Does The SEO Landscape Change So Much?

With clicks being a key indicator of user interest, we saw a significant increase from 7,701 in 2022 to 10,787 in 2023. Greenbaum Stiers achieved this by crafting compelling ad copy and creative visuals that resonated with their target demographic. We tested and implemented a variety of campaigns from search, display, remarketing, shopping and performance max, which resulted in engaging and relevant ads, thereby driving higher click-through rates.

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Our Philosophy on SEO: It’s Not Just About Keywords

At Greenbaum Stiers, our culture encourages honesty and out-of-the-box thinking for our clients. The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing and demands that we stay ahead. That’s why our approach to SEO challenges the status quo: it’s about more than just attracting any traffic. It’s about getting the right kind of visitors who are genuinely interested in what you offer.

This is why I mentioned the ‘guru’ at the start of this blog. They promise traffic for days but always leave out the crucial ‘leads’ or ‘sales’ portion of the equation.

That’s what makes Greenbaum Stiers different. Taking SEO seriously is essential for getting the right kind of traffic and converting that traffic into leads or sales. It’s not just about keywords; it’s not about pretty photos or massive blogs. It’s about creating a genuinely helpful online experience for your customers.

The Greenbaum Stiers SEO Blueprint: Tailored and Transparent

Kickstarting Your Journey with Semrush:

Right off the bat, we get you set up with Semrush, the gold standard for shining a light on online visibility and marketing mysteries. This platform gives us the crucial data that lays the groundwork for our master plan.

Navigating the Competitive Landscape and Charting a Course:

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Getting to Know Your Competition: It’s a team effort.

We dive deep with you to identify who you’re up against and uncover the strategies they’re employing. It’s like gathering the pieces of a puzzle to see the bigger picture.

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Setting Realistic & Clear Goals:

Our strategy is tightly aligned with your objectives. We focus on achieving the desired outcomes, closely monitoring key metrics to ensure our efforts are on track. This alignment is foundational, guiding our actions toward meeting your business goals efficiently and effectively.

Regular Rendezvous and Strategy Evolution:

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Monthly Touch Base:

Our monthly meetings go beyond just reviewing metrics; they’re an opportunity for strategic foresight. Together, we evaluate our progress and adapt to the dynamic SEO landscape, staying ahead of Google’s algorithm changes and ensuring our strategy remains responsive and resilient.


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Refining Our Tactics:

With each review, armed with the latest insights, we fine-tune our strategy for the month ahead. Our focus sharpens on creating content that truly engages your audience and enhances your online presence. We’re committed to boosting your visibility in local searches and on Google Business Profiles and ensuring your brand makes a significant impact where it counts.

With Greenbaum Stiers, it’s not just about being seen; it’s about being remembered and chosen.

In a world cluttered with fleeting impressions, we strive for lasting impact. From the nuanced crafting of messages in a voice that speaks directly to the heart of your audience, to masterful local SEO strategies that assert your dominance in the local landscape, we’re about setting benchmarks, not just meeting them. 

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