Client brief

Our Approach

Smart Level approached Greenbaum Stiers with the desire to advertise in spaces other than digital.

What we did

After meeting with Smart Level to determine campaign goals and KPIs, the team set to work negotiating with local stations to provide the best proposals they had to offer. Greenbaum Stiers also negotiated various added value offerings including digital components, live interviews and commercial production. Once the packages were complete, Greenbaum Stiers presented each option to Smart Level and provided their recommendation for the best package to achieve Smart Level’s goals. The client felt supported in making an informed decision on which campaign to move forward with. A TV broadcast campaign and an OTT campaign were placed to run from March to October, with a broadcast sponsorship in July. The campaign has run for 4 months at the time of writing and the client has felt a great increase in leads as a result of the campaign.

SLC Graphs
smart level user engagement smart level views smart level total users smart level event count smart level sessions smart level conversions

The results

We Delivered

104 direct calls from the creative specific tracking number since the start of the campaign to June 6th, 4 months
48 form fills that came in as direct traffic since the start of the campaign
26 direct calls from the website since the start of the campaign
Bonus result- 238% increase in branded search conversions when compared to the previous period. Dec-Feb vs March-May

Note: Direct traffic- when someone knows your url domain and types that directly. This is a great benchmark for branding efforts.

The owners have a wide breadth of knowledge and support us in the process.


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