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With social distancing in place, it’s safe to say businesses have to make some changes to adjust to this new consumer landscape. Although many industries have taken a hit, the restaurant industry is facing some of the most significant challenges.

Sit-in dining is no longer on the table for businesses. Restaurants are having to rely on their pick-up and delivery orders to keep the doors open. This change is scary, even for restaurants that have a great pick-up and delivery infrastructure in place.

Luckily, there are ways for restaurants to thrive even during this brief time of social distancing and Coronavirus outbreak. Here are a few things you can do to bolster your ability to draw in customers for dine-out options:

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  1. Update and refresh your online menu by using more photos and illustrations. Images give your customers at home a clear visual of how delicious, enjoyable, and worth-it your food is. Give your customers the chance to see your menu options, so they know why you’re better than their other options.

  2. Consider offering discounts or coupons for customers who post video testimonials on social media about their experience with your menu and staff. Having free content to share on social media means you can reach customers who happen to be spending a lot more time on their devices and social media.

  3. Keep your customers informed by posting daily videos to your social media. Let people know about your daily specials, new business hours, cleanliness routines, and pick-up and delivery options. The more informed you keep potential customers, the more trust and business you build.

  4. Implement an online ordering system to alleviate traffic to your phones. Furthermore, an online system will allow you to take more orders in less time.

Are you interested in implementing these tools? Contact our team, and we can help you find the perfect strategies to help you thrive during these difficult times. Every business is different, so we look to understand your goals and brand as well as your environment.

Lastly, our services are designed to meet your needs by maximizing your returns.

Our communities depend on you. Restaurants are suffering during these times, but by making the right decisions, you can better serve your customers and help maintain the stability everyone needs.

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