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Email Marketing 101: Strategies & Tools BUILDING AN EMAIL AUDIENCE USING EMAIL MARKETING CAN BE HARD… Has trying to do email marketing left you feeling like this? Do you have a message of a particular product, service, or piece of information you want to share with other people?

Building an email audience using
email marketing can be hard…

Has trying to do email marketing left you feeling like this? Do you have a message of a particular product, service, or piece of information you want to share with other people?

Email marketing is one of the best ways to do that today. In fact, I’d say email marketing is going to be a secret weapon for you and your brand. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at some recent numbers…

For Black Friday alone, 25% of all sales generated from a company’s ecommerce store comes straight from email…


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That’s directly from email! And that’s also just eCommerce.It can be even higher in other industries outside of eCommerce. One of the businesses I personally worked on recently, Crawlspace-DIY, we helped take them from $25k/month in revenue all the way up to $90k/month just by using some of these email marketing techniques. If it can be done for some of these businesses don’t you think it can be done for your business as well?

As a business, do you want to:

  • Make more money?

  • Get to know your ideal customer?

  • Decrease the number of people leaving your site without taking action?

  • Have a direct line of communication with potential and current customers?

Then you’re in luck! Email marketing is the way to go to help you accomplish your business financial goals. No more digging through the online “webi-sphere” to find the answers you need for your business.

“There’s tons of email marketing tools out there, which one should I choose?”

You want to find an email marketing tool that manages all of your email opt-ins, forms, landing pages, outreach, marketing, and automation, but is still intuitive and easy to use. One great option for a platform the typically universally fits a variety of these needs is ConvertKit.

ConvertKit has been useful to many of
Greenbaum Stiers Strategic Marketing Group’s clients.

So, just what can an email marketing platform, such as Convertkit do for you?

1. Embeddable Forms/Landing Pages. You simply create and design the forms and landing pages you want to use, and embed them anywhere on your website, or create the links for them to use on other sites or articles. You have the ability to fully customize the forms to be full landing pages, or allow the forms to be slide-ins, pop-ups, generated by a click, etc.

2. Custom Automations. The automations are what happens as soon as someone signs up through one of your forms. Think done-for-you systems to make your life easier. You can tag a subscriber, add them to another form, or another sequence, which is what we’ll talk about next.

3. Custom Sequences. After you create your forms and setup your automations, you can create an automation that automatically adds new subscribers into an email sequence. It’s as many customized emails as you want to send out to a new subscriber. You can set emails to be sent out immediately or scheduled to send out at some point in the future. It could be 5 emails, 15 emails, or even 100 hundred emails! You only have to set it up once and you’re done!

4. Broadcasts. Broadcasts are what you use when you want to send out a weekly email, or some other kind of information that can’t be placed within a custom sequence. These are emails that you can choose to send out immediately or schedule to be released in the future. You can choose to send it out to all of your subscribers, only subscribers attached to a particular form, sequence, or with specific tags. You can also send emails to any segmented or tagged subscribers and customize your reply to everyone in your list or specific subscribers. The best part is you can see who opens the email, who clicks on any links in the email, and you can even send a follow-up email to any of the subscribers who didn’t open the email or who didn’t click!

email marketing

Jenesis’ preferred
email system is ConvertKit

There are a lot of email systems out there and choosing the right one for your business can be tricky. Luckily most email marketing platforms offer a free trial! Schedule a consultation with us here to find out which one is best for your business. We offer free one hour consultations with a custom business plan set-up for success. Greenbaum Stiers’ goal is to empower great individuals and organizations with growth and success. Get started today and Breathe Life Into Your Brand!

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