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When trying to grow your customer engagement online, it’s easy to plateau. Too many businesses sit on social media pages with little followers and targeted ads that bring in little revenue.

As the marketing landscape changes, so do the methods advertisers use to bring new customers in. That brings us to video marketing.

Video marketing is considered a crucial part of any marketing plan by 93% of professionals. As such, if you don’t know how to use video marketing for your business, then you could be missing out on new customers.

Here are five ways you can use video marketing to increase customer engagement.


As technology advances, marketing efforts can take advantage of that. While 360-degree videos haven’t been around long, they have a 50% greater completion rate than most other display ads. If you’re opening a new restaurant or have a redesigned office, using a 360-degree video to capture that space can show customers what to expect. Nowadays, these types of videos can be easily taken with most smartphones.

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If you’ve heard of platforms like Twitch, then you know there’s a market for live video content. Live videos receive much more engagement and participation than pre-recorded videos. If you’re doing a Q&A for your business, are showing off a new product, or perhaps hosting a giveaway, more eyes will be on your brand than if you just threw an image on your social page. Live videos can be done on Facebook, YouTube, and plenty of other platforms.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is important to having a high-quality website and blog page, but it’s also important when creating videos. Google has a new feature where it will show highlighted videos when people type in a search. Those videos are selected primarily through SEO. By having a transcript for your video, a subject-specific title, and a well-designed thumbnail, you can ensure that your video will receive more engagement than just uploading an ad and calling it a day.

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Shopping and

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The purpose of any marketing tool is to get customers to patronize your business at the end of the day. What if you could have them watch a video ad and shop at the same time, though? Through Instagram, you can connect your shop to a post, meaning that viewers can shop your products without leaving the app. With this integration, you can remove some steps in the marketing funnel to generate more sales.


If you still aren’t sure how to use video marketing, then a demonstration or how-to guide is the way to go. Are there specific instructions attached to your product? Do you offer multiple items that work well together? A how-to video is the perfect way to get that message across. What makes them especially useful is that they offer something that your customers can use – a set of instructions.

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